George Lambton Playing Fields

The George Lambton Playing Fields and Pavillion are public playing fields are used every day by local residents in Newmarket for competitive sports matches, friendly matches, running, and general exercise. They are a core part of our community, and there is no suitable replacement for them anywhere else in the town.

The playing fields were leased to the people of Newmarket by their owner, George Lambton in 1979, for a period of 100 years. The lease expires in 2068.

This land belongs to the people of Newmarket until the expiry of the lease. In 2068, when the lease reverts to the title holder of the playing fields, Save Historic Newmarket are happy to see if any suitable replacements can be found for the unique and crucial role they play in the activities of local residents. However, there are simply no suitable replacements at present anywhere in the town at present.

Key Objections


  • The playing fields are leased to the people of the town until 2068
  • The playing fields are a unique, crucial part of our town’s life
  • The playing fields cannot be replaced elsewhere in the town
  • Building another supermarket outside the center of the town will further ruin the High Street, which already has a number of vacant shops
  • There is no need for another supermarket. Newmarket already has a Waitrose, an Asda, a Morrisons and a giant two-floored Tesco next to the playing fields